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You can get detailed information about the Chinese and international dishes served at New good Food, a Chinese takeaway in Leigh through its takeaway menu. The information provided in our online menu will help you in planning your takeaway order more conveniently. Our menu offers wide range of food items including special items recommended by our chef to enjoy your takeaway order suitably with your family and friends. Our menu starts with different types of soups including chicken Sweetcorn soup and Thai Hot and Sour chicken soup etc. Then it offers various types of appetisers like Mixed Hors D'oeuvres and Crisppy Pancake Roll etc. Along with it, we offer wide range of King Prawn dishes, Roast Pork dishes, Beef Dishes and Chinese Curry Dishes for you to add in your takeaway order. Our menu also includes different types of Chop Suey dishes and Sweet Sour dishes and fried rice dishes to make your order more interesting. You can give a unique twist to your takeaway order by selecting dishes from different types of Chow Mein dishes, Bean Curd dishes, Foo Yung dishes, Omelette dishes and Thai curry dishes found on our menu. In addition to it we offer certain vegetable only dishes to make it easier for them to order who want to eat vegetarian foods only or for the sake of changing their taste. Certain types of meal dishes for kids and meal sets are also available on our menu to help you to choose as per your requirement. Our menu ends with few deserts and soft drinks to help you in making your order complete. Special with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce and Special in Szechuan Sauce are among our signature dishes.

About New Good Food Leigh

New Good Food is a Chinese takeaway outlet in Leigh. We have worked hard since the inception of this outlet to earn the name and fame we are enjoying today. We won the confidence of the people living in and around this city by focusing not only on selecting quality ingredients for our dishes but also traditional methods to prepare them to provide them their authentic flavours and tastes. We accept online as well as personal takeaway orders since very start but now we have made it more convenient to book your order even when you are not at your home or in your office. we have launched apps through Google Store or Apple Store so that you can place your takeaway order even on the go. So, what are you waiting for? Just download our apps on your mobile device to place your next takeaway order.

Restaurant location New Good Food Leigh

It is not difficult to find New Good Food, a Chinese takeaway in Leigh as we are located at one of the prime locations, 76 Westleigh Lane, Leigh WN7 5JE, of this city. You can also ask anyone in this region to reach us as we have earned enough popularity since the inception of our outlet. You can use any means of transport, private or public, to reach us easily. You can also use online maps like Google maps etc. to find us, if you are new in this city.